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Top 10 Benefits of Laravel Development Services for New Businesses

Laravel is an open-source framework based on the PHP coding language. It allows developing MVC architecture and web applications with the utmost ease. Laravel is designed with top-class features that make it a prominent choice for developers. It follows the MVC approach and offers a simple verification process. Other remarkable features of this framework include session handling, flexibility, unit testing, simple routing.

Laravel makes the website-building process simpler for both small and large business houses. A large number of PHP developers rely on this framework since it has enhanced their experience several times. Laravel helps in building custom web applications as per the requirements of an enterprise. It has several other lucrative features that you will learn in the following section.

Laravel Development: Understand the basics and the benefits

In this era of advanced technology, Laravel development has emerged to be one of the most popular options for developing high-quality web applications. It is an open-source and PHP based web application structure. It enables the web developer to design high-end web applications. Laravel also makes it easy for web developers to do modular programming with the help of stress-free coding.

Market share between Laravel and Other PHP Framework

As per above image, you can easily understand that the market share of Laravel development is  25.85% where Phalcon 16.73%, Symfony2 10.62%, codeIgniter 7.62% etc. from this figure we show that laravel development has the highest market share Worldwide.

Popularity of Laravel Websites in different sectors

Below image shows the popularity of the Laravel websites in various sectors. Top 10 million sites are using Laravel websites throughout the world. Mostly in the business sector, Laravel is the most widely used.

Popularity of Laravel Websites in different sectors
From the below chart you can understand the fields where the Laravel development websites have huge popularity.
Laravel development websites have huge popularity.
The chart here shows the Laravel Usage statistics 

Above images shows the comparison of Laravel usage how it increased between the year 2013 and in 2021 till the month of March. In 2013 the usage of Laravel was almost nothing.  In 2021 it reached 1 million.

As per research it has been noticed that in India almost 10581 sites have been developed using Laravel, there are 641,132 live websites using Laravel around 637,971 used laravel previously. Totally we have accessed 1,279,103 websites that are Laravel customers.

Types of business and industries that implement Laravel Development

Due to advanced features and technology, many business organizations all over the world have become fond of Laravel development. The businesses which have started depending on Laravel development are as follows.

A) Organizations those are based on enterprise level applications

The industries which are mainly involved in the fields like Healthcare, e-Commerce, and data processing, etc, require enterprise level applications. These organizations prefer Laravel development as it operates superior to PHP alternatives. Laravel development is extremely fruitful for e-commerce companies as it can offer the best result in micro service architecture.

B) Business those are involved in Back-end Data Management

Organizations which are involved in the areas like website designing, content-based applications, and CRM platforms, always depend a lot on Laravel Development. It is possible to develop better using Laravel in the content management system.

This post will enlighten you on Laravel and its ten prominent benefits. So, go through all the points and convince your mind to trust this platform for developing a robust business application.

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Top 10 Benefits New Enterprises get by Choosing Laravel

(1) Allows Adding Numerous Features to an App

Laravel spoils a developer by enabling him to add numerous attractive features to an app. One such example is developing applications that support multiple languages. A multilingual app can be highly beneficial for an enterprise since it can cater to a huge user base. Besides, this framework makes an application more scalable and feature-rich. You can access a Laravel app on any device and browser, which is another prominent advantage of the framework. This will ensure the business web app is accessible to more potential customers.

(2) Offers High-level App Security

The security and privacy of a business application are of utmost necessity since the personal details of a large number of users are at stake. Laravel websites are more secure than other web applications built on other frameworks. It can safeguard an app against harmful cyber-attacks that can lead to immense data loss. Besides, Laravel is protected from SQL injections and SCFR attacks. Its codebase is protected, and an enterprise will be able to operate a secure website free from cyber threats.

(3) Assured High Performance

Many new business enterprises are Hiring Laravel Web Development Services since it assures high-performing applications. The framework has numerous tools through which a developer can enhance the functionality of his website. Some of the popular performance-enhancing tools available on Laravel are Memcached and Redis. These tools are simple to use, and developers can benefit a lot through them. If you are starting up a new business, do not look beyond Laravel for developing the highest performing web app.

(4) Keeps Fake Users at Bay

The account verification process in a Laravel website is simpler than others. Authenticating genuine users is an important task that a business website should not miss out on. Illegal users contaminate a web app and make it unsafe for authentic users. Therefore, an app should host a powerful verification process through which it can find out whether its users have provided correct information.

Laravel has a seamless technique for verifying users and helps developers control the access of their website conveniently. It ensures that your business website has only genuine users who shall not abuse the resources.

(5) Makes Traffic Handling Effortless

If you host a business website, your main aim shall be driving in as much traffic as possible. However, managing huge traffic is a strenuous job and can increase the expense of your application’s hosting. This is because more traffic indicates an increase in the request number that the website should deal with per second.

Huge incoming traffic also leads to loss of data since the server can obstruct the functioning of the app on several occasions. Laravel acts as a rescuer in such a situation by providing the message queue system initially. This helps in balancing the load and maintaining a large traffic queue effortlessly.


(6) Backed by a Strong Community

Laravel is an open-source web app development tool having a huge backup community. This is one of the prominent reasons why new businesses are fonder of this framework. A Laravel developer can get instant assistance from development companies and experienced professionals while building an application. Besides, the framework is highly flexible and scalable than its contemporaries. Your application can have unique features since the developer can get all types of support from experts while adding the features.

(7) Makes App-Building Faster

Your business app can be developed and marketed within a short time with Laravel. This framework is less complex, and professionals can handle it effortlessly. Therefore, they can develop a robust business app very fast and help you reach a huge client base. The framework is highly updated with powerful tin plating, designing, and configuration features. Therefore, a developer saves a lot of time while designing a website from scratch.

(8) Has Automated Testing Features

Developers cannot deny the top-notch testing support they receive from Laravel. Application testing is a crucial task since the success of an app depends a lot on its correct testing process. Laravel makes the testing procedure less complicated and supports automated tests. Therefore, developers can get their apps tested pretty fast and launch the final product within the expected deadline. Laravel also imitates the basic behaviour of users, making it easier for developers to understand what their app lacks.


(9) Allows Undoing Data Modifications in the Database

Laravel is a favourite of developers since it has the database migration feature. This enables them to undo all the changes made to the database. This framework allows developers to share their databases with other members of the development team. Therefore, one can access the entire database without creating it from scratch. This feature has reduced the task of rebuilding the database each time a new member wants to access it. Therefore, a web app development company can save their time and money in this process.

(10) Designed with the MVC Architecture

The MVC or Model View Controller architecture is one of the best features of Laravel that has added to the latter’s popularity amongst developers. This architecture offers in-built features that help developers immensely in building a robust application. Laravel has better documentation functionalities than many other PHP frameworks, thanks to its MVC architecture.

Besides, this architecture is responsible for improving the performance of a website application. It makes an app more interactive, which attracts users from the beginning. Therefore, you can opt for a Laravel Development Company without a doubt if you are looking forward to launching a superb business application. It has the MVC architecture that will ensure your app serves its purpose in the best way possible.

Top 10 Benefits of Laravel – Infographic

Feel free to use the Infographic on Your Site.

Bottom Line

Laravel is an advanced web app development framework that can deliver top-class apps within a short time. This article has given you enough reasons to trust this framework. Therefore, if your business is new and needs a good boost, do not shy away from hiring a Laravel development company for the best results.


From the above discussion, it can be said that Laravel development has made a revolution to the world of technology. Many companies worldwide prefer using Laravel development for making the websites attractive and well-informative. So, read here to know more about the technology and how it works.

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Changing the date is not an issue in laravel. One can change the date by using carbon or PHP. It is also possible to change the date by using laravel mode.

One makes custom validation in multiple ways. One such way is to make request classes for validation.

There are many ways in which one can upload multiple files in laravel. Using the jquery plugin is one such effective way.

There are certain assets such as HTML, CSS, javascript to convert wordpress themes to laravel. However, one needs to come with a public demo and properly analyze the source to start with.

Seo techniques are the talk of the internet and taking it by storm. However, to implement, one needs to get a laravel application and then make an item table and model.

  • Data Modifications in the Database
  • Designed with the MVC Architecture

Laravel’s single page application is known as NOVA. Here the Front end technologies are used as VUE.Js

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