Google Chat notification channel for Laravel - Simplior

Google Chat notification channel for Laravel

Now for Laravel, “Google Chat” notification channel package available for Laravel Notification Channels Projects. This package makes it simple to send notifications by using of a custom Google talk message channel.

Create a simple message

Code 1

// Create a simple message
    public function toGoogleChat($notifiable)
            return GoogleChatMessage::create("Kitty's bill was paid!");

Classes for formatting layouts

Using the package’s provided classes, You can do simple formatting & advanced card layouts.

Code 2

// Simple text formatting and routing to a specific chat room
    ->text('Kitty just paid an bill')
    ->line('Please check ')
    ->link(route('bills'), 'bills!')
    ->to('sales_team'); // ... and route it to specific rooms
// Advanced card layout
    ->text('Bill Paid! Here's the details:')
                KeyValue::create('Amount', '$20.99','#23451234')
                    ->button(TextButton::create(route('bills'), 'View'))
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“Alternate” rooms concept

Also, the “alternate” rooms concept is available in this package, instead of the defaults, you can configure to explicitly send messages to a Google chat room.

Code 3

// config/google-chat.php

return [
    'spaces' => [
        'dev_team' => '',
        // ...

// Usage

Learn More:

About learning this package, visit GitHub for, full instruction for installation, and view the source code. For complete setup and usage details check out Laravel Notification channels documentation.

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