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How is Laravel Useful for Developing Scalable Applications?

Various industrial sectors have already transformed with the increased acceptance of web-based apps. Today, most businesses are opting to develop their web apps to reach out to more consumers, improve customer service, and provide more advantages. So, there is an excellent need for full-stack web development services because of this rising need.

On the other hand, Scalable web applications are critical for major corporates and enterprises. Their web applications may be scaled up and down based on demand and workload growth. You may use Laravel to build scalable apps for this purpose.

Web applications, including CRM, e-commerce websites, portals, and much more, maybe built using Laravel’s PHP framework. Laravel is a very user-friendly platform because of its modernized modules and features. Many online applications use user authentication and other top features of Laravel, making it more robust to implement application scalability.

When it comes to building scalable web apps, Laravel Development Company is the most satisfactory solution for any PHP development firm.

According to a report, Laravel is used by 8,432 websites, or 0.84 percent, out of the top one million.

Laravel Usage Statistics - Simplior

Significant Features of Laravel Framework

Let’s take a look at some of Laravel’s capabilities to see if we can prove our thesis that it can aid in the development of highly scalable apps.

Significant Features of Laravel Framework - Simplior

1) Modern-day Authentication

User management is an essential aspect of every web app development project, and it is complex since authentication isn’t simply about logging in or signing up. You must consider a wide variety of things during web app creation because of its tight regulations and permissions, hashing method, and security measures.

A Laravel development business can quickly and easily enable web apps thanks to Laravel’s powerful authentication functionality. It allows developers to establish web applications by defining numerous logical criteria to provide access to users. Scalable programs benefit from this by having an easier time integrating authentication.

As a result of Laravel’s many features, such as database migration, blade templating engine, and login controller, you can achieve sophisticated authentication via user login and logout.

2) Benchmarked Security Measures

Secure laravel development services are one of the essential aspects since it gives safety in various ways. So as long as the PHP development businesses use a query builder, it protects against SQL injection. It does this by making pre-written remarks that will not be affected by any user input on your forum.

Laravel’s encryption and cookie classes produce secure encrypted hashes and strings using a unique application key, protecting your cookies. Hire a Laravel developer familiar with this capability and can put it to good use in your scalable projects.

3) Easy Database Migration

Laravel’s migration functionality keeps track of the complete database structure. The database structure contains the tables and columns and the kind of data they hold. In addition to saving you time and money, using Laravel to create scalable applications also prevents you from wasting resources and effort.

The migration enables you to design the database’s look and feel, including any updates you make while in the middle of a transaction. Using this functionality, you may update your local database to reflect any changes that others have made.

Scalable apps benefit from this capability since they have an extensive database and often update it. Full-stack development services use Laravel for scalable application development since it’s easy to scale.

4) Enable the MVC Framework

Laravel is an open-source MVC framework. Because of this, people often regard Laravel as the most excellent framework for building web applications. You can use the software architectural design patterns to implement this framework. Using this technique, you can separate logic, functionality, and user interface.

As these apps grow in size, Laravel lets numerous developers work together to ensure that the code is efficient. Programming becomes more structured and enables multiple developers to collaborate on the same project. As a result, businesses should engage a laravel developer with deep MVC framework understanding while designing scalable apps.

5) Facilitate Unit Testing

The laravel development framework is another important reason businesses should choose laravel over other PHP frameworks since it provides simple unit testing. A unit test is a test for a single object. The controller can do many tasks simultaneously using the unit testing capability in a Laravel development environment.

Laravel offers a powerful testing tool for your PHP unit; moreover, Laravel has a market share of 0.32 percent. In addition to unit testing, it also provides a feature testing tool for developers. A developer may test the complete application’s flow using this feature test.

Depending on what the developer chooses to do with it, it’s possible to test down to individual lines of code or the comprehensive program. Web developers may use this feature of Laravel to determine whether a specific application area is broken or if there are any issues before the end-user eventually uses it.

6) Open Source and Immense Community

As an open-source framework, there’s always space for improvement with Laravel. Using the framework, developers may expand their ideas and create new online applications. Laravel has a vibrant community that supports Laravel developers in their endeavours.

Gains of Laravel for Developing Scalable Applications?

Gains of Laravel for Developing Scalable Applications - Simplior

A) Build Apps with Enhanced Performance

The Laravel framework’s web app speed is a significant factor in developers’ decisions to use it. When designing a web app, there is always a lot of tension among the developers. They’re worried about how the customers will receive the experience. Because of this, UI/UX designers are struggling to provide a different user experience.

The Laravel framework, on the other hand, makes it simple for programmers to boost the speed of their online applications, building applications with better performance levels.

B) Develop Real-time Applications

Real-time is the new buzzword. Customers want apps that respond to their needs; therefore, developers reevaluate how to build modern-day apps.

Today, developers successfully create real-time social networking and audio streaming applications leveraging the Laravel framework.

As the need for dynamic applications grows, the Laravel framework provides its comprehensive library to developers to provide them with the necessary functionality.

C) Craft Multilingual Applications

Developers will appreciate how Laravel makes it simple to create multilingual applications. For businesses looking to increase their reach, Laravel is the ideal framework.

The framework makes it simple for developers to create a web application in a different language. Startups and SMEs may use this to expand their operations internationally.

D) Enable Swift Development of Web Apps

The top benefits of Laravel include the rapid development of web applications. Today, companies have the visualization to introduce their applications within a quantified timeline. In most scenarios, this timeline is pretty thin for people in business to get a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Along the same lines, the Laravel framework empowers developers to enhance the speed of the web app development procedure.

Particularly after the introduction of Laravel Octane, the programmer community is excited about it assisting apps to turn ultrasonic.

E) Facilitate Blade Templating Functionality

Blade templating is found in Laravel, through which PHP developers can use preset templates to write particular scripts.

However, this does not imply that PHP developers may continue to create their regular plain-coded scripts. Codes may be made quickly using Laravel’s lightweight, dynamic, and intuitive blade templating.

Using blade templating in Laravel lets developers construct lightweight web apps without sacrificing speed.

F) Effective Management for Apps

As a rule, web applications should execute as quickly as possible. Laravel helps improve application speed by saving data on the disk or asking the database server and storing the results in memory.

Using Laravel’s cache drivers, the framework can maintain the performance of web applications produced using it since all the data is nicely structured and effectively managed.

Top 10 Global Companies that use Laravel in 2022

Top 10 Global Companies that use Laravel in 2022 - Simplior

a) BBC

The BBC is the world’s biggest broadcaster in terms of the number of staff it employs. The BBC develops several Laravel web-based apps in addition to the conventional media platforms they deal with across the industry.

b) TourRadar

Visitors may compare and buy multi-day excursions on TourRadar’s marketplace. Over 1 million tour departures are listed by this Austrian company, partnered with 500 different trip operators.

There has been USD 66 million invested in the firm, making it one of the most well-known travel-tech companies using Laravel.

c) Mortie

Social interaction is a basic human need. Everyone’s health and happiness are dependent on interactions of all kinds: friends and acquaintances, family and coworkers.

People searching for meaningful relationships and interactions in today’s world may also use the Mortie app developed in Laravel to help them find them. Because it’s worldwide, you’ll be able to connect with folks who share your interests and are on similar wavelengths all over the globe.

d) Wide Linked

Earlier, many skilled freelancers have not had the opportunity to demonstrate their creative work and sell it to the market in a competitive context.

Wide Linked is a Saudi Arabian freelancer and self-employment platform (similar to Upwork) specializing in engineering and management services. It is a powerful platform built on Laravel for entrepreneurs, headhunters, and company owners wishing to tap into a good talent pool.

e) Remote Home Check (RHC)

An IoT application for the healthcare industry, Remote Home Check is primarily geared at elder care facilities, people with Alzheimer’s disease, and those with dementia.

There is no need for guesswork when you use Remote Home Check. Keeping tabs on the health and well-being of your elderly loved ones is a primary concern, and IoT-based Monitoring Solutions blended with Larvel help you accomplish just that.

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f) 9GAG

Social media site 9GAG is an online portal built in Laravel. According to Ray Chan, the website’s creator, more than 150 million people visit it each month! Users may share memes and hilarious material. With such an enormous modern and scalable technology, the company uses other technologies, including PHP and Vue.js.

g) Pfizer

Pfizer is a significant player in the pharmaceutical industry, with solutions built on Laravel. Pfizer’s Cloud Development Platform is where it would lead and develop sophisticated PHP, AWS, and service-driven applications. This stack with Larvel is powering more and more unique websites for Pfizer.

h) Deltanet Travel

Travel and hospitality companies have been striving to establish an online presence due to the digital revolution in the business.

Greece’s tourist industry relies on Deltanet Travel, a destination management website. Laravel is the framework used to build the website, and this is apparent from the ease with which users can search and browse the site.

i) PedidosYa

Food ordering and delivery service PedidosYa is located in South America. More than 15,000 eateries in more than 400 locations are linked to millions of people via this network. PHP, Laravel, and React.js are all listed in their Stack share profile with powerful web apps and API.

j) Ratio

Fintech software business Ratio is based in the United Kingdom. Many of their items are geared toward helping customers improve their financial situation.

More than 12 million people have benefited from their website, which provides comprehensive information on credit cards, banking products, and loans.

The website and profile indicate that the team primarily employs PHP, Laravel, and React.js in their products.

Moving Forward with Laravel Development

Most developers favour Laravel because it makes starting a new web application project simple. Many valuable tools and concepts are available to developers using Laravel to construct web apps quicker, more reliable, and simpler to manage.

A company’s expanding demand necessitates the development of apps that you can scale to meet that need. As a result, Laravel can readily assist in developing scalable apps.

Hire Laravel Developer from Simplior a top-notch Laravel Development Company in India, with a thorough understanding of Laravel’s capabilities and perks to build a scalable technology project.

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