What is the expectation from Node.js & its Reality

What is the expectation from Node.js & its Reality

Usually, people think that Node.js is a programming language. But you should know that Node.js is neither a language nor a framework. It is not even a library. It is basically an environment for a runtime that allows the developer to perform JavaScript along with on the side of the server.

Currently, various renowned companies like Walmart, Groupon, Netflix, Linkedin use Node.js in their website’s backend.

Historical trend of Node.js

Presently approximately 1.2% of all the websites throughout the world are using Node.js. Below image shows the current trend of Node.js users.

Historical Trends of Node.JS - Simplior Technologies

Below image shows the report of historical trends in the usage of web servers since May 2020.

Historical Trend of yearly trends usage statistics of various web servers (Node.js)

Node.js: Expectations vs. Reality

Are you looking to Hire Node.js Developers for developing your business website? This seems a great idea, but before you need to know about this software development framework in detail. This post will help you get in terms with the pros and cons of Node.js and how it has been standing up to the expectations of users.

Node.js is one of the most popular frameworks that top business houses swear by. It is on the scene for almost a decade and has helped web developers create magical products. Some of the Node.js users include names like LinkedIn, Amazon, Netflix, Paypal, and other such giants.

Below are some of the expectations supporters had from Node.js and how the latter turned up to them. These points will help you decide effortlessly whether to rely on this framework or search for a better one.

Position of Node.js in the Market

The Node.js market position compared to other web servers.

Position of Node.JS in the Market - Simplior Technologies

Node.js – The Savior

Earlier, Java or JVM programming language was the only option left with developers for creating top-notch web applications. Critics expected Node.js to fail miserably since it did not choose to go by the conventional methods. Node.js had some unconventional features like a single-threaded event loop. Besides, it was written in JavaScript, which was not a very popular language in those days. Moreover, Node.js had several bugs and performance issues that hindered users from choosing it.

However, things are different now, and thanks to critics, Node.js has evolved immensely. This framework is stronger and more robust than before. It allows creating real-time web applications, consumer websites, enterprise applications, data-intensive apps, etc. Moreover, users can avail themselves of media streaming services through this web development software.

The criticism received by Node.js in its previous years has helped its developers to come up with a better and updated product. They focused on enhancing the stability and documentation of the framework. Its bug-detection mechanism was also improved, and some top-notch enterprise-based features were added. These features helped the framework handle complex jobs effortlessly, and a Node.Js Development Company creates better web applications.

Node.js has Impacted the businesses_Simplior
Convinces with Node.js? We are here to help you build high-performance Node.js web App!

Designed with a Vast Ecosystem

Node.js has a vast ecosystem, which any software company can envy. This is where it scores higher than its rivals since users are more attracted to the Node.js ecosystem. This framework helps developers get all-around support for all types of web development tasks. You can access a large number of open-source modules through Node Package Manager (NPM). These modules are developed by top Node.js developers residing in different parts of the world.

Moreover, you can get a wide range of authentication plugins to choose from in Node.js. It offers plenty of options for integrating into the database, which helps developers to a great extent. Node.js can be your perfect companion if you want to avoid writing the middleware and modules for all of your apps.

High-Level Technology Stack

Node.js has become a standalone web development framework in the software world, thanks to JavaScript. The latter is undoubtedly the winner among programming languages, and Node.js relies on it entirely. You can get a world of advantages with full-stack JavaScript development while using Node.js for back-end development. It is highly efficient and enhances the productivity of users.

This framework makes sharing and reusing codes easier and thus, reduces the cost and effort involved in a web development process. It increases the speed and performance of a web application through its well-defined features. Developers can share their knowledge with their entire team effortlessly and get assistance from the vast Node.js community.

Node.js over other framework_Simplior

Top-Class Scalability for Micro-services

Node.js is a lightweight development tool, which makes it fit for micro-services. You can get a lot of flexibility through this framework since it enables dividing application logic into small segments. This will help you develop a robust web application on the go. Therefore, you can add more micro-services over the ones present from before.

Developers do not look beyond Node.js while developing and implementing a micro-service ecosystem. Micro-service-based technologies have reported growth in their usage, and the credit goes to Node.js. Their performances are enhanced since each micro-service has access to the database through the stream. One of the leading examples is Walmart that has shifted to micro-services architecture using Node.js.

Node.js use case – Infographic

Feel free to use the Infographic on Your Site.

Node.js Uses case-Infographic-Simplior
Final Thoughts

These are some of the effective reasons that compel enterprises to hire Node.js Development Services. If you find the framework robust after reading this post, do not hesitate to avail of its services for a better result.

Simplior has become a leader in this sector with vast experience of more than 7 years in Node.js development. We have worked with lots of customers and we ensure to offer the utmost satisfaction to every customer.

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FAQ's - Understanding the basics of Node.js

A REPL is known as Read Eval Print Loop and is basically a virtual environment along with Node.js. One can test the JavaScript code in this Node.js REPL environment very fast.

The purpose of the module. exports in Node.js is that it encapsulates the total code into a single unit.

Tracing allows a mechanism to collect received information that is generated by V8, and userspace coding in the log file. In order to enable tracing, one needs to pass the trace event enabled flag at the time of starting the application.

A debugger is the debugging unit utility tool in the application. In order to start these debugging utilities, you need to start the Node.js with this argument.

  • Child process
  • File system events
  • File system operations

This is because of the async processing. This processing offers more scalability and enhanced performance than typical threaded implementation.

Node.js is frequently used in real-time chats, complex single page application, practical collaboration tools, etc.