WordPress Version 5.7 “Esperanza” is Now Available

Meet the “Esperanza”, Offering one-click HTTP to HTTPS conversion among other features.

Named after musician Esperanza Spalding, the first WordPress release of 2021 offers great features such as an easier-to-use editor & the ability to accomplish more without writing any custom code.

Here’s an overview of all the new features in WordPress 5.7.

What’s New in WordPress 5.7?

With this new version “Esperanza”, WordPress 5.7 brings you new fresh colors in the admin panel. simpler interactions in the editor, and controls right where you need them. WordPress 5.7 lets you concentrate on the content whats you create.

HTTP to HTTPS Conversion in a single click

Until now, transforming a WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS hasn’t been a simple job. With this release, it can now be finished with only just one-click.

Starting now, WordPress 5.7 switches a site from HTTP to HTTPS process is very simple, is a “one-click” to move. WordPress will automatically update database URLs when you do a switch.

Besides, the Site Health part of the WordPress dashboard now covers an HTTPS status check.

Easier to use Editor

WordPress 5.7 combines the subsequent upgrades to the editor:

  • Adjust font size in more places – Now, the “Font Size” control option is available in the list of Code blocks. You can easily choose options from the list of code blocks, no need to go to another screen to make adjustments.
  • Reusable blocks – Improvements make reusable blocks more stable and simpler to use. It will now save automatically with the post after clicking “Update.”
  • Drag-and-drop – Drag blocks and block designs in the post from the inverter.
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Do More without writing Custom Code

You can make the following modifications to their WordPress content without writing custom code:

  • Full height alignment – Now easily you can make a block fill the whole browser window.
  • Buttons Block – Easily choose a button block layout as a vertical or a horizontal and also set the button width to a preset percentage.
  • Social Icons Block – Easily modify the size of social icons.

New Default Colors

WordPress 5.7 has introduced a new color palette, All of the colors in the WordPress source code down to seven core colors with a range of various 56 shades.


New Robots API

In the new WordPress 5.7, The new Robots API makes it possible for the to developer manage robots meta-tags on a page using a new function named “wp_robots”. Also the API includes the “max-image-preview: large” directive by default, Mean search engines can show larger image previews, which can increase your traffic.

Lazy Loading iFrames

With WordPress 5.7, default lazy loading iframes are introduced.
WordPress will add a “loading=lazy” attribute to iframe tags when both width & height are specified.

Ongoing cleanup after update to jQuery 3.5.1

If you are a WordPress user then doesn’t work with jQuery, In 5.7, jQuery gets more focused and less intrusive, with fewer messages in the dashboard.

New Features of WordPress Version 5.7 “Esperanza” – Infographic

Feel free to use the Infographic on Your Site (with due attribution to simplior.com)

Wordpress 5.7 Comes with new amazing features - Simplior Technologies Pvt Ltd

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