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How To Develop eCommerce Applications Leveraging ReactJS?

Quick Summary:-  In the current era, one of the most often questions that most clients ask to developers is “Why use React for eCommerce?“. ReactJS build by Facebook, and it is one of the most widely use UI libraries, with help of it and minimal effort & coding you can build engaging web applications. Things like the Atomic Design Principle, component-driven process, high-speed etc, which makes ReactJS is the choicest framework for developing eCommerce web Applications.

ReactJS is a JavaScript library and framework that is used to build robust, secure, and engaging UI apps. Ever since the inception of React JS, the demand for this library has been extensively surging due to its valuable benefits. A prominent field where React is being highly leveraged nowadays is the eCommerce sector.

eCommerce is so in trend right now. More and more businesses are aiming toward building apps for their brand. And when it comes to developing their applications, the preferred choice is always React, and rightly so. React has numerous pragmatic features that enable developers to build powerful, secure, and functional eCommerce apps.

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Let us explore more why React is a great choice for your eCommerce venture.

Things To Comprehend When Crafting ReactJS eCommerce Applications

Building an eCommerce app isn’t a cakewalk. It requires knowledge and a complete understanding of the React JS framework and libraries. Apart from it, the application that you build must be good enough to compete with the competitors

Here are things to consider before developing your React eCommerce application:

1) Functionality

The functioning of your application is one of the key things you need to consider while building an app. Having a robust application for your eCommerce is crucial for making the app run smoothly on different platforms.

React JS is a front-end framework that can build a highly intuitive, smooth, and feature-rich user interface that could deliver an exceptional user experience.

Unfortunately, React JS alone would not be enough for the back-end of your application. You may need to leverage another framework that will help create a robust backend for the application.

In all, React JS is a powerful framework that offers the right tools and methods to develop an interactive and seamless user interface.

2) Scalability

eCommerce is equal to expansion because when eCommerce is established, the business reaches many people around the globe where it was not reaching before.

Hence, you need an application that can be scaled when required. Developing an eCommerce app with ReactJS is an excellent choice as it has the functionality of Virtual DOM that enables the apps built with React to scale effortlessly.

3) Flexibility

React is an ideal choice for businesses to develop their eCommerce apps as it is highly flexible in its approach. You get to choose different plugins and architectural patterns to build your application so that the final product is similar to what you had in your mind.

Gains of Utilizing ReactJS For eCommerce Frontend

There are many gains of using React JS for eCommerce, and some of them are as follows:

Gains of Utilizing ReactJS For eCommerce Frontend-Simplior

1) Simple & Effective User Interface

React JS offers a simple framework that is easy to use and effective in its use. You can create simple to complex user interfaces through the framework at a much higher speed.

It might surprise you, but Instagram is a product of React. It is a classic example of the capabilities of React. React itself is designed in mind to provide solutions for slow user interfaces. Hence, apps built with React are always intuitive and deliver an exceptional user experience.

2) Swift Development

ReactJS utilizes a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to implement code elements in the application. It means that whenever there are changes made to a component, the whole page will not render, and just the segment containing that component will render, leading to faster development for the application.

Also, the framework of React is well-defined and easy to work on. This makes the development process of the apps a little faster than other development tools.

3) Stable Applications

The application you design must be highly stable to provide the users with the right user experience. Think of having an app that shakes all the time on your phone. Nobody would open such an application.

React JS is great in this aspect as it works on the concept of one-way data binding to make the application more stable. As the connection between parent and child components is one way at a time, it becomes easier to code and debug the programs that make the overall application highly stable.

4) SEO Friendly

SEO and marketing of the brand have become essential to route traffic to your website. There are multiple algorithms in the search engine based on which the SEO ranks for your website. One of the essential factors of it is page loading time.

Websites that are quick and provide fast outcomes with quality results are the ones that rank higher. React apps being made on the atomic design principle lower the page loading time significantly, making it possible for the apps to rank higher.

5) Cross-Platform Capability

Another significant gain of leveraging React JS is its cross-platform compatibility. The limitation with most frameworks is that they lack the ability to create apps for all leading platforms like Android, Mac, etc.

That is why, when React JS was designed, it was simply made for the framework to build apps both on Mac and Android. Hence, choosing React JS for your eCommerce app can be a viable option as it becomes easier to get your app made for all digital devices.

6) Quick Rendering

Large and complex web apps require a mechanism to quickly render the pages of the application so that the performance of the app doesn’t get hampered. In addition, the users can get an enjoyable experience of using the app.

To achieve this, ReactJS comes with a method of Virtual DOM (Document Object Model). It enables the programmers to test the changes and modify the code in real-time. It makes the app efficient and helps achieve better performance by the app.

7) Streamlined Testing

ReactJS comprises tools such as React-di and Babel, using which the output for the code can be obtained, and accordingly, the testing methods can be built for the developing functions. It streamlines the testing procedures and makes developers test their projects more efficiently, and builds functional and bug-free apps for web and mobile.

How does the Atomic Design Principle Assists in React?

The atomic design principle was created to make the development procedure simple and streamlined. The design assists in making everything simpler for the development team.

Using this principle, the development work can be divided into smaller parts and later combined to produce a fully functioning webpage of an app. This fastens the development process and helps build functional apps with the least time to market.

Here are a few elements of the Atomic Design Principle:

a) Atoms

It is the smallest building block used for making the simplest things on the webpage like Text Input Button, alignment button, etc.

b) Molecules

As the group of two atoms is known as molecules, similarly when we want two components together, such as a Text component and button component for the search operation, we use molecules.

c) Organisms

These can be defined as the clusters of molecules functioning as a unit. These are used to create complex functions. For example, the header of your app that has all vital information is made using organisms.

Few elements of the Atomic Design Principle-Simplior

d) Template

In a simple way, a template can be understood as the combination of atoms, molecules, and organisms. The user interface or the design that you see for an application is its template. By combining, all small elements, the template of your app is created.

e) Pages

The pages are the instances of the templates. For example, a banking application has different pages for deposit, withdrawal, etc. The deposit and withdrawal pages are the instances of the main page or the template.

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Advantages of the Atomic Design Principle

There are several advantages of using this atomic design principle, and some of them are as follows:

Advantages Of the Atomic Design Principle-Simplior

1) Re-usability of Elements

Elements can be reused with the help of the atomic design principle because when an element is made for a certain webpage, it is well structured and sculpted. And when there is a need for a similar element for a webpage, then it can be reused only by editing a few things in the element.

This is because the elements are saved in the system, and they can be used when they are needed for a similar webpage.

2) Significant Increase in Speed

When the atomic design principle is used, the work gets divided into segments so these segments can be given to different developers to complete the building of these segments. And then, these segments are joined together to get the desired web page for an app.

This way, when many people work in segments, the work gets done quickly. So the app builds in less time, and there is a substantial increase in the speed of the whole procedure.

3) Simple Layout

Applications that are designed leveraging the atomic principle are much easier to read than ones created conventionally. When your application is finally deployed on the server and made public, it will have various maintenance needs. Having a well-structured format for your app will help the developers complete the maintenance tasks more quickly and offer the least downtime for the app.

4) Quicker Prototyping

The atomic design principle lets you create a quick mock-up for pages before you start working on the coding part of the application. This makes it easier for you to showcase the design to the client, and you have a better idea of the product that needs to be developed.

5) Consistency in Design

As there are fewer components in the apps designed by the atomic design principle, it becomes easier to build new components with slight variations in design. This encourages consistent design and looks appealing to the users.

5 Successful React JS eCommerce Websites

React JS is the originator of thousands of great applications. Some of them are listed below:


It is a prominent furniture website that offers various furniture products like bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, etc. Despite having hundreds of pages on the app, the loading speed of the pages of Hayneedle is extremely fast. The credit goes to React for building heavy apps with a smooth user experience.



It is a shopping website where users can search for thousands of products and services. Being developed in React, it performs superbly well and provides users with an uninterrupted app usage experience.



It is the official website of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and their sports merchandise is sold on this website. The website offers seamless usability and works simply fine, even on having loads of traffic on the website.



It is a pet shopping store app that is hugely famous for providing quality pet accessories and food items. The brand has an enormous customer base that its React-built application effortlessly handles.



It is an electrical appliances and other items store that is built by React. It has over 2.8 million users, yet the performance of the app has never altered. The website is a sheer example of how powerful React JS framework is.


Moving Forward with React JS for Developing eCommerce Portals

Apps built with React JS look appealing, are secure and can perform. Apart from it, the exceptional user experience it offers is what makes it the favorite of all. Leveraging it for your eCommerce business would be an excellent choice as it offers all the features needed to build an eCommerce app.

Moreover, it is cost-effective and builds applications at a much faster pace than any other framework. So, if you are certain about creating an app or website for your eCommerce business, React JS should be the ideal choice!

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