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Table of Content

Table of Content

13 Reasons why ReactJS is vast for Big Enterprise

Today, With extra simplicity and flexibility ReactJS framework has set the benchmark in hybrid mobile app development for enterprises.

ReactJS aids the entire process for writing components, boosts productivity, and facilitates further support, helpful developer toolset extra focused, and easy-to-learn. ReactJS also comes with modern UI, rapid rendering, stable code, and various interesting features.

But what is so special about ReactJS & why choose ReactJS?

Check out our infographic below to understand which different 13 reasons make ReactJS a perfect selection for enterprises or businesses.


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FAQ's - ReactJS

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used specifically to building user interfaces for single-page applications and used for handling the view layer for mobile app & the web. Also, You can create reusable UI components.

No, Both is different. ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript library, with the use of library developers to create attractive UI for web and Mobile Apps. When React is a simple library it’s not a framework, Using an elements developer create the interface.

Currently, Major apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo! Mail, New York Times, Codecademy, Dropbox and others are constantly improving their experience and adapting to new frameworks and trends.