Top 5 Features of ReactJS

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is usually used for single-page websites or mobile app development. It is an efficient, flexible, open-source front-end development framework and JavaScript library for UI ( User Interface) components. It helps to build a complex user Interface from small  isolated pieces of code, so it is called components

JSX is JavaScript syntax extension. It isn't necessary to use JSX in React development, but it is recommended.


JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX)

ReactJS enables one-way data binding that makes the development process faster. Data flows in a single direction in this framework allowing developers to store child elements within parent elements while creating  an application. This allows the user to analyze the time and location  of an error.


One-way Data Binding

One-Way Data Flow

1) Data flows down 2) Props is immutable 3) States is mutable 4) Anything (Props, States, Handlers,       Styles) can be passed to children as      props. 5) Through parent-passed handler props 6) Through parent passed handler props


Easy to Test

Debugging an application becomes a few times less complicated with  Reactjs. It makes the testing process rapid since a vast developer community is there to help developers. A small browser extension is available with this tool to speed up the debugging stage.

Reactjs framework allows reusing these components throughout the app.  Therefore, the time, effort, and expenses involved with building an app  are reduced effectively.


Components can be Reused

Reactjs enables users to access these libraries without any barriers. Therefore, they can use several components available in these libraries and develop a high-quality web application.


Allows Accessing Native Libraries

How Reactjs is Next Development Model?