When it comes to developing a WordPress website, having the right  browser can greatly enhance your productivity and debugging  capabilities. In this webstory, we'll explore the best browsers for  WordPress development, each offering unique features and advantages.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is widely regarded as a top choice for WordPress development. It offers excellent developer tools, including the Chrome Developer Console, which can assist in debugging and optimizing your WordPress site.

uses by 2.65 billion users

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another popular browser among developers. It provides a range of useful developer tools, such as the Firefox Developer Edition and Firebug, which can aid in WordPress development and debugging.

uses by 362 million users


uses by 1 billion apple users

Safari is the default browser on macOS and iOS devices. It offers a robust set of developer tools and has good compatibility with WordPress. If you're primarily developing for Apple users, testing your WordPress site on Safari is essential.

Microsoft Edge

uses by 158 million users

Microsoft Edge has gained popularity among developers since its shift to a Chromium-based engine. It offers a solid set of developer tools and improved compatibility with web standards, making it a viable option for WordPress development.


uses by 350 million users

Opera is a lesser-known browser but has gained a reputation for its developer-friendly features. It includes useful tools like Opera Dragonfly and supports the Chrome extension ecosystem, making it suitable for WordPress development.


uses by 57.27 million users

Brave is a privacy-focused browser built on Chromium. It offers a clean interface, fast performance, and compatibility with Chrome extensions. While it may not have as extensive developer tools as Chrome, it is still a solid choice for WordPress development.