Catalog  Management

Advanced tools for complex product catalog structure & management via attributes, categories, etc. Full control over inventory tracking and costing methods.

Simpler interface optimized for fast product creation. Limited options for advanced catalog management. Inventory tracking provided but less customizable.

Order Management  & Payment

Highly customizable automated order processing workflows. Integrates with 100+ payment gateways. Also supports popular processor extensions.

Standardized order workflows. Shopify Payments built-in gateway provides discounted rates. Also supports 100+ third-party gateways via apps.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Integrates with all shipping carriers via extensions. Lots of automation and optimization options.

Discounted USPS rates included. Integrates with major carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL. Shopify Fulfillment Network also available.

Marketing & Promotions

Very flexible coupons, catalogs, related products, etc. Advanced personalization and segmentation.

Built-in discount tools sufficient for most merchants. Many cross-sell apps available. Less customizable promotions.

Reporting & Analytics

Robust admin dashboard plus integration with Google Analytics. Custom reports can be generated.

Shopify Analytics provides basic sales, traffic etc. data. Extra fees for advanced features like custom funnels.